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Grand Prix de Plouay lorient agglo TROPHEE WNT

Welcome to Thailand


For the first time in his history, the Plouay Grand Prix - Lorient Agglo - WNT Women Trophy will welcome competitors from Thailand. The Thailand Women's Cycling Team will come with the best cyclists from this country on Saturday, August 31, 2019.

Since 2002 and the launch of the Grand Prix of Plouay Women, the event continues to welcome competitors from new countries. The arrival of the Thailand Women's Cycling Team will bring to 49 the number of different countries taking part in the biggest breton cycling race.

The Thai women have already had the opportunity to ride this summer in Brittany, taking part successfully in the Tour of Belle Isle en Terre - Kreiz Breizh Elites Ladies where Jutatip Maneephan placed 4th in the second stage, Phetdarin Somrat also taking a beautiful 11th place. The Thai women will be in Plouay to animate the race and learn from the best cyclists in the world.

With Thailand Women's Cycling Team, Thailand will surely be one of the countries to follow these next seasons.

Jutatip Maneephan as leader

Thailand Women's Cycling Team presented its first list of riders scheduled in Plouay under the direction of the sports director ApinyaThiangkaew.

211. Chanpeng Nontasin (Tha, 34). Already at the international level for fifteen years, she will be the team captain of the team for the discovery of the Grand Prix of Plouay women.

212. Jutatip Maneephan (Tha, 31). Already five victories UCI this season, she will be the leader of the team for the Grand Prix of Plouay women. 2nd in the Tour of Chongming Island, counting in the WorldTour calendar, she already has a solid experience at the highest international level.

213. Supuksorn Nuntana (Tha, 29). Often well ranked on Asian races, she can take the breakaway of the day.

214. Chaniporn Batriya (Tha, 20). The youngest member of the team continues to learn. The goal will be to finish the race in the middle of the peloton.

215. Phetdarin Somrat (Tha, 24). Passed by the World Cycling Center in Switzerland, she continues her apprenticeship at the highest level and will be one of the Thai women to follow in Plouay.

216. Kulacha Chairin (Tha, 30). Neophyte in Europe, she will be in Plouay to learn and support her teammates.

The announced substitute is Apinya Thiangkaew (Tha).

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